Elijah Anointing - Return of the Prophets By David Devenish & David Carr

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  • Song Name: Elijah Anointing for Northamptonshire - Prophets Return 21st Nov 2012
  • Artist: Elijah Anointing for Northamptonshire
  • Album: Elijah Anointing for Northamptonshire
  • Year: 2012

David Devenish & David Carr
(1 Kings 17,18,19 & 2 Kings 1, 2)

David Devenish

Elijah Was Afraid And Ran For His Life

• Not exactly a victorious message
• This is the reality of a massive anointing on frail human flesh
• Elijah was a man just like us (James 5v17)
• Therefore if you have frail human flesh you qualify for God’s anointing

The Jezebel Spirit

• This is a powerful spirit which can move through men as well as women
• It will particularly attack those in authority and/or those who carry genuine prophetic anointing
• This spirit will try to dominate, manipulate, and control (witchcraft)
• Allowing this spirit to operate can lead to sexual immorality, deception, and depression. It can make you feel like crawling into a corner and giving up
• Very often this spirit will get angry when crossed or confronted
• We need to keep our guard up against this spirit in the church, and be aware that any sexual immorality is a door through which this spirit will enter

Elijah Felt Weak And Lay Down

• God knew that Elijah needed a rest. It’s ok in ministry to have a rest
• God sent an angel to refresh and provide sustenance for Elijah and God will refresh and provide sustenance for us.
• Part of this is to rest in, and receive, the imparted grace of God. We need to become good receivers of His grace

Elijah Was A Loner

• Sometimes breakthroughs require loners, but God’s long term purpose is not for loners, but for His church to break through
• This is the purpose for God’s church in Northampton. We are called to be forerunners. Other places will have others purposes under God
• Revivals are when the kingdom of God makes its greatest advances
• Revivals are spurs to our faith, but don’t set precedents on how God will work
• We need to discover how God wants to work in each revival season and listen for His voice
• Very often God’s voice isn’t found in the wind, earthquake, or fire, but in the still small voice
• God will be whispering to those who are listening, and telling them what He is doing to do in this next revival season
• God told Elijah to go and anoint Elisha, who was the next generation, because this anointing isn’t just for one man or one generation, but for all those who will receive and embrace it
• God’s purpose is for His whole church and every generation to flow together in Him, and for this mighty river to reach out into a needy world

David Carr

Elijah Suddenly Arrived

• Where did Elijah come from? How did he get in and out of the palace?
• Elijah may have suddenly arrived on the public scene but he must have been thoroughly prepared by God in secret
• The bible doesn’t dwell on Elijah’s past, and we shouldn’t dwell on our past either
• Our past will never get us into our future. In fact if we dwell on our past it can prevent us coming into our future
• We must draw a line under our past

Victory And Provision

• Victories can become dangerous times, because when we are winning it is easy to become less reliant on God
• God only takes us into the wilderness by His Spirit to prepare us for something better
• When we look to God as our source of supply He can even use ravens to feed us, therefore we are not limited by poverty in the world
• Have we lost the victory we previously had?

Transfer Of Anointing

• God does not use inactive people. Prove Him in the natural, and He will use you in the spiritual
• We must produce people from the pews who are as good as we would expect from the pulpit
• Ever had an argument with God and He hasn’t spoken? BUT His presence has revealed who He is – who I am – and what I should be
• If it doesn’t cost us we will never move in the anointing
• We need to be forming a character which can contain the anointing
• This anointing must be transferred to the body – there must be widespread connections – Leaders must make this happen. If the relationships and anointing are only within leadership this will not work

Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, And Jordan

• Gilgal is the place of circumcision. Churches at this time, not just leaders, must get rid of all fleshliness and past history
• Bethel is the house of God. What condition are our homes in? Bethel must be a place that people want to come. We must get churches ready to absorb those coming in
• Jericho is the place of reproach. Are we ready to accept our failures? Are we prepared to accept that we cannot solve every problem? We cannot do it all, but the next generation can achieve what we can not do
• Jordan is a place of separation. ‘If you see me you will get the anointing’. We must keep our eyes on the past anointing, the anointing of our fathers, and, know how to use the present anointing, to be able to use the future anointing – when the old and new come together
• It is easy to change from ‘bad to good’, but it is much harder to change from ‘good to better’


How are we on all of the above?
Are we willing to leave our past behind us?
Are we willing to pay the cost, to get our homes and our churches right?
This is not a time for loners, but for whole churches, and every generation to get involved.
Are we willing for hard work and sacrifice?
Will we take time to listen for the still small voice?
We need to lay a platform for the next generation, but the next generation needs to be prepared to wash hands and clean shoes.
Transformation doesn’t just happen, but needs working at.
God’s grace is sufficient for all He has called us to do!